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What Makes CBD Oils Flavorful?

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Some CBD oils have a distinct flavor and aroma to it. This is because of the terpenes that are sometimes added to it. Terpenes are extracted from fruit and herb sources to add a distinct character and flavor to colognes and perfumes. They may also be used as flavoring to a lot of things, food and non-food alike. It is what makes lavenders smell its signature scent. It is also the one responsible for the calming effect of chamomile and the invigorating feel of citrus. Without terpenes, our world isn’t as aromatic or flavorful as we know it.  

The Scents and Smells  

There are thousands, if not more, different types of terpenes known to man. Each profile provides a distinct effect, which is why there’s such a big buzz around it today. Terpene extracted from the roots is not the same as the one extracted from the flowers or the leaves, which is why the use of this compound is exciting as it is. Terpenes may also be mixed, matched, and combined with others to produce a distinct scent, smell, or effect. Even the scent of skunks is caused by terpenes  

The effect you get from terpenes may vary greatly. It is actually quite abundant among known botanicals such as lemon, lavender, chamomile, grass, wood, grapemango, orange, bananaand pine needle. Some terpenes offer a sedating effect, and they’re mostly obtained from indica plant species. Good examples are myrcene and linalool, which incidentally, also produces a scent that’s low and deep. If you want a more uplifting effect, you might want to check the sativa strains. Your choices here are pinene and limonene, which produces scents similar to pine, sweet citrus, and fresh-cut grass. 


Today’s application of terpene is in aromatherapy among many other things. While scientific proof is needed to prove the healing and calming effect of certain scents and oils, including cannabis oil, to one’s body or mind.  

Terpene may also be combined with other more potent plant species, like cannabis, to induce the entourage effect as they say. Such effect is a mix of sleepiness or alertness, depending on what type of cannabis or hemp variant that you took and how much of it you consume. Some people claim that they also feel a little hungry, giggly, or even paranoid when it’s added to CBD’s counterpart, which is THC.   

CBD Oils and Products 

Due to the rising popularity of CBD oils these days, a lot of companies are looking into joining the industry. There are so much power and potential inside CBD oils. Right now, cannabis oils are high in demand. It’s offered in different forms and variants, including vaporizers and cartridges that are now sold in different parts of the world where cannabis is not regulated. The cannabis industry is a promising market. It’s possible to purchase them online these days.  

CBD Oils as a Medication 


For the longest time, CBD oils have been used to provide treatment to certain disorders. The use of cannabis is still being researched in laboratories around the world to document its positive effect on the human body. Right now, CBD is known to provide sedative, analgesic, antidepressant, and anxiolytic effects, which is why it is quite popular.  

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