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Areas in Your House That You May Forget to Clean 

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As a homeowner, cleaning your home is one task that you cannot ignore. You have to regularly clean your house if you want to maintain a healthy living environment. However, due to our busy lives, finding the time to clean the house can be a bit difficult.  


Of course, you can hire Fairfax residential cleaners to clean your home. Even if you do this, you still have to do your part. Today, we are going to share with you some areas in your house that you or your cleaners might forget to clean. 


Doormats are one of the most overlooked items in the house. For those who don’t know, it is very crucial to clean your doormats regularly. The reason for this is that doormats are made to collect dirt. When too much dirt has accumulated, they will start to spread it. Of course, you might not see it with your own eyes. However, the dirt is there. You should keep your doormats clean if you want to guarantee the cleanliness of your home. 


People typically look at the walls and the floors when they clean their houses. However, they often neglect the baseboards. Just like any other surface, baseboards can collect dust. The thing is that once baseboards have collected a huge amount of dust, they are a lot more difficult to clean. The reason for this is that you’ll end up smearing around the dust if you do not do it frequently or properly.  

Floor Vents 

A couple of homes have ventilation systems. The most popular one is the central air that features vents in the floor. Usually, you can see the vents near the baseboard. For those who don’t know, debris and dust can fall down the vent. A dirty vent isn’t great for your health. Dust, dirt, and other debris will just circulate through your home if they find a way into your ventilation. This can get things dirty easily. You should hire a professional home cleaning company if you want your vents to be clean.  

Under Appliances 

Appliances are a hotbed for dirt, dust, and other particles, just like your vents. Of course, it might look clean to you. However, there are a lot of things hiding underneath them even if you regularly clean your home. You should ask someone to move your appliances when you clean. If this is not possible, you can hire a professional cleaning company for a deep cleaning service.  

Ceiling Fan 

A ceiling fan is sometimes ignored because no one actually spends their time looking up the ceiling. However, it is one of the dirtiest areas in your house. The reason for this is that your ceiling fan can still collect dust even if it is moving. Unfortunately, it can redistribute the accumulated dust around your home. This is particularly true if it is holding too much dust. Whenever you hire a professional home cleaning company, make sure you ask them to clean the ceiling fan during the cleaning job.  

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